Limited Edition Christmas Diffusers


Create a festive ambiance with these Limited Edition Christmas Diffusers! These handmade decorations feature a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a present - perfect for any winter celebration. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere and let the warm flow of your flashlight give you the perfect holiday cheer. 


In order to ensure more delicate parts don't get broken during shipping, some assembly will be required. The star for the Christmas tree and the arms for the snowman will come detached, but they can easily be inserted into the designated holes. Diffusers will be available for the D4V2/D4K and the Wurkkos TS10/Skilhunt M150/Convoy T3. Diffusers are the same size for either set of lights, but the attachment point for each diffuser is custom sized for the appropriate light.


Available only until December 17, so order yours early to celebrate the holiday season all of December!


WARNING: SMALL PIECES. This product contains small plastic parts that may mysteriously vanish into the abyss of children's mouths or become pets' newfound treasures. Keep an eye out for unexpected toy heists or furry accomplices attempting a plastic snack attack!