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Limit one free sticker per order. Want more? Shoot us an email at spicy3dprints@gmail.com with your order number and how many extra stickers you'd like for $1 each. This vinyl sticker allows you to add some spice to your laptop, water bottle, or briefcase! Put it anywhere you want to show that you live life with a little kick.

Made from a durable sublimation vinyl in our shop, our handmade stickers will go anywhere with you (but also in the dishwasher. We hope you don't go in there). Since the pigment for our stickers is embedded in the vinyl itself, you won't see this design rub off in water or fade (unless you leave it in the direct sun all summer in Albuquerque. But people don't hold up well in that either, so can you blame it?) These stickers will stick best to flat, untextured surfaces.

Please note: the heat transfer process does create a bit of a curl in our stickers. This curl doesn't impact the quality or ease of application of our stickers.